Visit our Himolla Comfort Studio to experience the most extensive collection of Himolla Zerostress and Cumuly Recliners and Sofas in Ireland. (View our Himolla Collection below)

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The range includes the renowned Zerostress Tanat Recliner, the Cumuly Chester recliner, the Cumuly Rhine Reclining Armchair and the Cumuly Mosel Recliner. Himolla also offer pure relaxation with their Easy Swing chairs (Sinatra and the Crosby) which are available in different sizes to fit you as an individual as well as around 100 leather types and colours. Move gently into a relaxed, seating position with their fabric or leather reclining sofas and chairs. They offer relaxation, comfort and well-being with some models offering the additional support for your head and neck with the adjustable headrests.

Himolla must be tried to be appreciated. You will be amazed by how easy it is to find your perfect sofa and chairs with this innovative collection.

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