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Top Tips to Help you get a better sleep


Top Tips to Help you get a better sleep

Top Tips to Help you Sleep Better

Sleep is crucial for our physical health, helping our bodies to recover and boosting our immune system but it is also beneficial for your mind and wellbeing too.

During this uncertain time, many of us are finding that our sleep is often broken and restless and yet there are a number of simple things that we can all do to help improve our sleep.

Sleep Tip No. 1  - Get Outside

We have been blessed with good weather during the last few weeks, so take advantage of the bright mornings and take your breakfast outside. Getting outside in the sunlight will improve your mood also give you a much-needed vitamin D boost which improves your immune system. The natural light will also boost your serotonin helping you feel more awake in the mornings and promoting deeper quality sleep at night.

Sleep Tip No. 2 – Take exercise

People who exercise regularly often do so because it gives them a huge sense of well-being. They feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives.  Lots of local gyms and fitness experts are running online exercise classes, so there is no excuse to get moving!!

Sleep Top No. 3 - Meditation

Sleep meditation is a practice that uses time-tested techniques such as visualisation or controlled breathing. It is usually experienced through a relaxing guided sleep meditation. Not only will it help you sleep better it will also make you feel more relaxed and calm throughout the day.  

Sleep Tip No 4 - Turn off the Tech

Devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have become so dominant in our lives that we can find ourselves constantly connected and unable to wind down.  Using a device just before bed makes it harder to switch off when you want to go asleep.  What's more, research shows that the blue light emitted by screen restricts the production of melatonin and plays havoc with your body clock, keeping you alert when you should be sleepy. Try to give yourself at least an hour of device-free time before bed and make your bedroom a device-free zone.

Sleep Tip No 5 - Reduce Your Caffeine intake

The effects of caffeine are felt in the body for over 12 hours.  While you may be able to get to sleep after drinking coffee, caffeine reduces the quality of your deep, regenerative sleep.  If you enjoy a coffee during the day, try and have it before 11 am.

Sleep Tip No. 6  - Make your bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

A calm and relaxing bedroom is key to a good night's sleep.  Keeping your bedroom quiet and cooler than you think (ideally 18 degrees) and completely dark will help create the ideal environment to help invite replenishing sleep. Make sure that light is minimised and try using blackout blinds or a sleep mask. If noise is an issue, get some earplugs to cancel out all the disruptions or think about what ‘white noise’ you could choose instead. At the very least, try to create a calm bedside table, free of all distractions including technology.

Sleep Tip No. 7 -  Do you have the right bed, pillows and bedding?

Having the correct bed for your needs is one of the foundations of getting a quality night’s sleep. Take time to think about what you want in terms of pillows and mattress. Reconsider the size, comfort and support you actually need because different people need different things and getting this right for you can mean the difference between a restful or a restless night’s sleep.

Visit the Sleep Room, at Sienna Home Furnishings, where you can experience our collection of beds and mattresses, in a quiet restful space, away from the main showroom.  Our bed collection includes handmade natural pocket-sprung mattresses available with a choice of support level, non-turn luxury mattresses,  our "Ortho" range of firmer mattresses and the renowned Tempur bed collection.  Our trained staff will help you find the perfect bed which provides you with the levels of comfort and support you require for a good night's sleep.


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