The Himolla Experts - Ireland's largest Display

Visit our showroom to view and experience the most extensive collection of Himolla sofas and chairs available in Ireland. Our collection includes the bestselling ranges: Rhine, Chester, Themse, Mersey and Brent. Our collection also includes recliner chairs, including the renowned Mosel, all from the Himolla Cumuly collection. We also offer a range of chairs from the both the Himolla Zerostress and Himolla Cosyform collections. These recliner armchairs are available in a choice of sizes and are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and posture support while sitting. All our staff are fully trained Himolla experts and will be able to help you find the perfect recliner and sofa to suit you. All Himolla sofas and chairs are available in a choice of over 100 coloured leathers and fabrics and each one is made to your choice in specification.

Quality Made in Germany

‘Quality made in Germany’ is not just an empty phrase for Himolla – It is the company ethos for the past 60 years. The top-quality upholstered furniture is created in an advanced 83,000 sq.m production studio at Taufkirchen. This facility uses the latest CNC technology and the combined skills and craftsmanship of 1,000-plus workforce to guarantee the high standard of Himolla quality. Choosing the right upholstery materials is absolutely key to ensuring ergonomic and comfortable sitting, as well as classic style.
The careful selection of top-grade materials, using in-house test lab and following stringent controls all combine to provide the assurance of outstanding quality in all Himolla products. In fact, the first five years are covered by the famous Himolla 5-year Guarantee on the frame, non-moving components, upholstery, sub-springing and sprung interior.
The ultimate combination of design, comfort and support.

The ultimate combination of design, comfort and support.

The Himolla Sofa and Armchair collection features a wide choice of in terms of styles, shapes, textures and colours – complemented by Himolla-developed technology that supports your back, your neck, your legs, your whole body. Himolla recognise that every person is different and every piece of Himolla´s furniture is different too.
Adjusted to your body size and individual expectations, every piece offers unbelievable potential for pure relaxation. An enormous selection of models, a wide variety of functions, around 100 leather types and colours, different fabrics and 21 wood colours to choose from make each piece of Himolla´s furniture a unique piece of furniture in which you cannot help but feel at home.