Harrison Santorini 27000

Harrison Spinks Seasonal Turn Santorini 27,000

Using the natural properties of the luxurious fillings, Harrison have created with two different surfaces in every seasonal turn mattress. With Warm for Winter wool blends on one sleeping surface and Cool for Summer cotton blends on the other, Harrison Spinks Seasonal Turn mattresses ensure you are exactly the right temperature all year round.

The Santorini is the ultimate in luxurious comfort with a total spring count of 27,000, including 100% recyclable advanced Cortec nested Revolution® pocket springs, dual layers of pressure-relieving HD 4000 micro springs and contouring Microlution Airflow springs. With an in-house woven FR chemical-free mattress cover and four rows of hand side stitching, this Seasonal Turn mattress has a warming wool winter side and cooling cotton summer side.

The Santorini is filled with natural layers of blended Yorkshire wool and viscose, lustrous cashmere, luxurious silk, crisp cooling Egyptian cotton, kapok, super soft alpaca, long stranded hair and home-grown flax. he Blue Diamond benefits from Warm Side / Cool Side technology and is finished with a ChemFree mattress cover. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support.

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Our expert delivery team can deliver our Harrison Beds to anywhere in Ireland and will assemble the bed in your home, remove and properly dispose of any waste or packaging and can arrange to remove and dispose of your old bed if required.

Bespoke Handcrafted Beds

Create a bed as unique as you
We understand that a bed specifically tailored to your exact requirements is essential to restful sleep and your own personal sense of well-being. No two people are the same, which means the individual qualities we require from a bed differ from person to person. All Harrison beds can be built to any width, any length, any height, with even a choice of firmness. Pick from a huge choice of materials, fillings and finishes hand built to your exact requirements.


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